Why Do We Need Atonement?


My contention with regard to Atonement is simple.  Why do we need it?  I understand that  the atonement is necessary because of the fall and that all mankind is lost because of this mortal state...bla, bla, bla.  The problem with this whole notion is that there is no evidence that there was a fall or any need for atonement other than the fact that we have been told so by the Bible (which is suspect anyway). 

If I imagine a world in which there were no Bible.  I don’t believe that there would be any difference in the way that world works nor any reason to believe that I would need any kind of atonement.

Conclusion:  I see no need for or evidence of an atonement, resurrection, original sin, fall of adam, or any other religious invention.  I await any evidence to the contrary.

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