What about global atrocities?


There are two types of atrocities that apply: Natural disasters and atrocities caused in the name of religion.

The concept of crimes against humanity perpetrated in the name of god is not new.  There is enough evidence of brutal murder, genocide, and torture in the name of religion that I really don’t need to lay it out here to make my argument.  The reader is referred to God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens for a powerful discussion of what evil has been done in the name of religion.

More concerning to me is the idea that natural disasters, which occur quite regularly, can kill so many innocent people.  The righteous religious mindset believes that god is personal and loves each person.  They also believe that god protects and watches over them.  This notion leaves them in a logical bind.  What are we to believe about the 131,000 people killed in a single instant in Indonesia in the 2004 tsunami?  Were those people evil?  Were they not worthy of god’s protection?  And how silly is it that we concern god with our personal decisions and worries and protection when so many die so suddenly?  I cannot believe that god would love me more than them or protect me more than them.  But if he exists, and is all powerful....why do such things happen?  The fact is that these are random events.  There are some who come away from such an event with stories of “miraculous” escapes from death.  I believe these people are lucky, not divinely protected.  The other 131,000 were not so lucky.

Conclusion:  Given the lack of intervention of god on the part of suffering and dying human beings, we are left to conclude that god either cannot help, or will not help, or does not exist....because clearly he does not help.

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